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In recent years, apps have seen an enormous amount of interest from the public and businesses alike.

Often touted as 'the next big thing', mobile apps allow for new ways to engage with your content.

Apps are optimised for use on-the-go. As such they need to be usable with one hand, be able to show information without too much scrolling, and need to integrate nicely with other apps available on the device (for example the mail client, Google maps and any apps that allow for content sharing apps). Your 1stbase app adheres to all of these requirements.

Additionally, all content in your 1stbase app is available off-line for the user, in the event the mobile device loses network access or cell coverage.

To install your 1stbase app, your users do not have to go through any of the app stores to get your app, nor do you need to create a developer account to submit your app to any app store.

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