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To be able to show your content on as many media channels and platforms possible, 1stbase provides you with a great number of 'products', each custom designed for you and your brand.

The many 1stbase products, allows your content to exist, be distributed and viewed on virtually any platform or media channel. The latter obviously increases your potential audience immensely; your message is absolutely everywhere people look. Not only does it help with reaching more people in more ways, it also gives your brand a vastly more impressive digital footprint that search engines will pick up on; being everywhere your customers and search engines look, greatly helps with your search engine rankings!

Before 1stbase came along, only big companies were able to spend the time and money to create a presence on these media channels and platforms individually. Now, anyone can afford to be across all the different media channels and platforms, thanks to all the 1stbase products that use your content to create the right experience for your user, regardless of which media channel or platform they come across your content.

The many 1stbase products, allows your content to exist, be distributed and viewed on virtually any platform or media channel.

How do products differ?

Different media channels and platforms tend to highlight different aspects of your content, simply because they tend to cater to different use cases; websites are the go-to way to interact with your brand and offer a rich experience, while apps are typically consulted on-the-go and possibly outside cell-coverage, requiring they work off-line and fast navigation with one hand. Printed documents require good contrast and should be optimised for minimal ink usage, while Facebook page tabs need to integrate nicely with the Facebook ecosystem and interface to provide a seamless experience.

All these different use cases require different products. With 1stbase you cover them all - now and in the future!

How does my content relate to different products?

The 1stbase products are responsible for making your content look good, no matter what it is, how it is viewed or how it gets interacted with. Your 1stbase products are expertly designed by professionals to adhere to what a user of a particular platform or media channel would expect in terms of looks, navigation and functionality.

Importantly, 1stbase products (for example your website) are not rigid templates where you need to shoe-horn your content into (as is the case with, for example, Wordpress or Drupal templates). 1stbase viewers are much more intelligent and are 'content-driven', meaning that they adapt the look and feel to your content and not the other way around.

Your content is presented in the most effective way for the specific media channel or platform that the reader is viewing your content on. For example, if the reader is viewing your content as a mobile app, all content is available off-line (in case the reader loses coverage) and relevant links are opened in the relevant on-board apps (for example google Maps), while navigation is optimised for one-handed use.

Another example; if you reader is reading your content as a printed PDF, all important links will have been automatically converted into QR Codes, so that following a link is as simple as scanning in the QR Code.

Every media channel or platform will have its unique uses and ways of showing content. The 1stbase viewers make sure your content is always ready for consumption, no matter the media channel or platform your audience chooses to use.

The latter is also why 1stbase is future-proof; when a new medium or platform comes along, all it takes is for us at 1stbase to create a new 1stbase product for your content on the new medium and platform and away you go! Thanks to 1stbase' flexible viewers, putting your content into 1stbase is a smart, long term investment.

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